Tsjechische partners

Czech Tourism

CzechTourism is de officiële toerismeorganisatie van Tsjechië. Het hoofdkantoor bevindt zich in Praag. Het kantoor voor de Benelux is in Amsterdam gevestigd. CzechTourism Benelux richt zich met name op offline en online marketing- en PR-activiteiten op de pijlers actieve vakanties, cultuur, gastronomie, wellness, wintersport en familievakanties.

Prague City Tourism

Promoting the city as a tourist destination to both domestic and international audiences, Prague City Tourism provides current and future visitors with the latest information on Prague's attractions, experiences and services through its web site and information centres. We also book tickets, guides, tours, and other experiences.

Guidilo, Tours in Prague

 The idea of Guidilo was born by Tereza Vítková in late summer 2013. Tereza has family and friends all around the world. Increase number of questions about what, when, how, where in Prague from her friends worldwide, gives the impulse to allow also other people to discover the real local life in Prague. We know that people are fed up with traditional mass tourism, tourist clichés and want to experience something different. To have memories that you can bring home, instead of just visiting boring places listed in a guidebook and ticking them off one by one.

,,Our aim is simple: to make it easy and safe for everyone who wants to discover hidden secrets explored by Locals."

South Bohemia

Het Verkeersbureau van Zuid-Bohemen. 

Met de regio rond het Lipnomeer, Tsjechisch Canada en Nationaal Park Sumava. 

Hradec Kralove

Het Verkeersbureau van Oost-Bohemen, met de regio's Liberec en het Reuzengebergte en de Nationale Parken Krkonose en Cesky Raj(=Boheems Paradijs). De schitterende hoofdstad is Hradec Kralove.

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